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Ontario winters are brutal. When the snow falls, clearing icy or snowy walkways and pathways is cold, difficult, time consuming, and very unpleasant. However, leaving your driveway and pathways snowy and icy is dangerous. So how can you have your driveway and paths cleared to bare ground safely and quickly, without all that work? Our commercial and residential snow removal services are the perfect solution! Let us do the heavy lifting for you this winter season.


All of our equipment is current, well maintained, properly serviced, and in excellent condition. Our snow clearing and removal equipment will work, when it counts, during the winter season. With our top-quality, commercial-grade equipment, we can offer the most reliable snow removal in Oakville, getting your walkways clear as soon as the snow stops falling.
Our high-tech, commercial-grade equipment helps us offer you the best snow removal service. We have snow blowers and other smaller snow removal equipment to meet the needs of any property, no matter how large or small your residential or commercial property is. We will be ready to go at any time, to clear snow, snow plow and snow blow to effectively and rapidly remove snow for you throughout the whole season. Snow clearing has never been easier
Our well-maintained equipment ensures we can do an excellent job of efficiently meeting your snow removal service needs. However, we treat your home or business property with respect and care. We will shovel by hand as necessary to protect your cars, yard and garden areas, patterned brick or stonework, and other sensitive areas.
Even after heavy snowfalls, or when there is packed snow, we clear your sidewalks quickly, but safely, with no damage to your property. Each job task is customized and tailored to your needs, so when the snows come, your property is cleared exactly how you want it.

Oakville Landscaping Services - A Dependable Choice

Many people and businesses are unable to clear their properties right after snowfalls, for a variety of reasons, including time constraints, so need a service that they can count on. Riverwood Landscape of Oakville is your best choice for Oakville snow removal services; our commitment to all of our professional landscaping services means you can depend on us to clear your home and company property of snowy, icy winter hazards. Throughout the winter season, as soon as the snow stops falling, our snow clearing services are on the job.
Unlike other commercial and residential snow removal companies, we won't make you wait for several days after the snowfall ends to get your sidewalks and driveways clear. Our snow clearing is reliable and prompt, because you need snow and ice removed fast.
Not only is the heavy lifting you have to do after a snowfall gruelling work, it can also be dangerous. Shovelling can cause back pain and muscle strains or injuries, and can increase the risk of heart attack.
On the other hand, if you're unable to fully clear your paths right away, there is a risk of injuries from slips and falls on the ice and snow. To avoid these winter hazards, use our professional snow removal services, to get the work done quickly without hurting yourself.
Oakville Snow Removal Service for

Residential and Commercial Customers

Our snow removal service is available in Oakville and surrounding areas throughout the winter months. When it snows, and even after a big snow storm, we will be there for you. We treat all of our clients with the highest levels of care, at each visit, no matter how much it snows.


Don't injure yourself shovelling heavy, wet snow. We can provide a range of residential snow removal service options to meet your needs at a reasonable cost, so contact us for a free estimate. We can handle all the snow removal for you and manage ice with our deicing solutions, so you can feel confident and safe outside your home. Your driveway will also be cleared completely for vehicle safety
A Snow Removal Oakville expert doing a snow removal on the roof


We also service commercial properties, with commercial snow removal services to clear parking lots, paths and other exterior company-owned areas. Our snow blowers and snow plow services can remove large quantities of packed snow quickly. Our salting and de-icing services mean that you won't need to worry about any of your customers slipping and injuring themselves while on your company property.


We can tailor our services to meet your home and business needs. For parking lots, we can offer services to check back after a snowfall to clear any areas that were previously not accessible because of parked vehicles. We actively monitor the weather, so we're available to dispatch our reliable snow removal team whenever a snow event happens.

Pet-Friendly Salting

We also offer deicing services, using eco-friendly salt. It's safe and gentle for your dog or other pets, as well as better for the environment.
Don’t Stress This Winter

Relax - We Will Handle It!

You can feel confident that we will manage all your snow removal needs, just as reliably as we handle your lawn maintenance, so you can just relax and get on with other things. Even after a storm, no matter how heavy the snowfall, we will get the job done quickly. We're a snow removal company you can trust throughout the entire winter

There When You Need Us

We monitor the weather so we can be clearing snow and ice from your property in a timely manner, seven days a week. This means we're available to dispatch our reliable snow removal team whenever a snow event happens.

For prompt and reliable snow removal in Oakville, you can trust us to clear snow to the pavement, and de-ice as required. We're your dependable Oakville snow removal choice for keeping your family safe at home, and your customers safe on your commercial property.

Making You Feel Valued, Every Time

Treating Each Customer As a Priority

We value you as a customer, and promise to treat every snow removal customer as our top priority. We're conscientious about any snow, ice and drainage issues on all driveways, parking lots, and all walking areas on every site. We take our snow removal duties seriously, understanding that your safety and mobility depends on our snow removal services. That is why we will be there for you throughout the whole season whenever it snows.
Rely on us this winter for your residential and commercial snow removal. We offer the highest level of customer service to keep your properties up to the strictest safety standards. Our goal is attention to detail on all snow removal projects.

FAQS about snow removal in Oakville

What is the bylaw for snow removal in Oakville?

The specific bylaw for snow removal in Oakville may vary, and it's advisable to consult the official municipal website or contact the local authorities for the most accurate information. Generally, municipalities have bylaws in place requiring property owners to clear snow from sidewalks and pathways adjacent to their properties within a certain timeframe to ensure public safety.

Do I have to clear snow from driveway?

In many municipalities, including Oakville, property owners are typically responsible for clearing snow from their driveways. This helps maintain safe access to their properties and ensures the smooth flow of traffic. Property owners should familiarize themselves with local bylaws and regulations regarding snow removal to avoid potential fines or penalties.

How long does a landlord have to clear snow in Ontario?

In Ontario, there is no specific timeframe outlined in provincial legislation regarding how long a landlord has to clear snow. However, municipalities may have their own bylaws stipulating the timeframe for snow removal. It is essential for landlords to review the specific bylaws of their municipality to determine their responsibilities and obligations regarding snow removal on their rental properties.

Whose responsibility is it to shovel sidewalks?

Generally, the responsibility to shovel sidewalks falls on the property owner or occupant. Municipalities often have bylaws requiring property owners or occupants to clear snow and ice from sidewalks bordering their properties within a specific timeframe, typically within 24 to 48 hours after the snowfall. Clearing sidewalks helps ensure pedestrian safety and accessibility during winter months. It's crucial to check the specific bylaws of your municipality to understand the exact responsibilities and requirements regarding sidewalk snow removal.

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