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A French drain system is a channel or trough, filled with stones or gravel, with a perforated pipe laid along it, which allows water to flow away from a property or be redistributed where desired. They can be decorative, attractive landscape features. An alternative to open ditches, storm sewers and sump pumps, a French drain is great for redirecting water away from your home.
Exterior and Interior French Drains - Options to Meet Your Needs

Types of Drains

Exterior French Drains

There are two types of exterior drains. The first, a shallow exterior drain, is excellent for draining wet yards easily, and is inexpensive.

Footing exterior drains run around the outside perimeter of house foundations and are much deeper. Water drains away to a sump pump inside the house or flows away down through a declined pipe. This basement waterproofing option requires removing and replacing landscaping and home structures.

Basement Floor French Drain

This common basement waterproofing solution is also known as a basement perimeter drain, weeping tile, or sub-surface drain. These interior drains are installed around the edges of the basement floor. The pipe is cut into and laid in between the basement foundation floor and wooden main floor. The drainage pipe allows water to drain behind the wall where it can then be pumped away from the foundation.

These help keep your basement dry and prevent concrete from absorbing excess water. The advantage of completing a project like this is that once the drain is installed, you likely won't need to do any maintenance or replacements.

How French Drains Work

The perforated pipes allow water seepage and flow in waterlogged areas, to channel excess water away. Water filters down through the gravel, or moisture in the soil seeps in, through the holes, to then be directed away by the pipe. With a downwards slope, gravity will pull the water along as directed.

This makes them an effective water control method for a basement or yard. They are a relatively inexpensive interior or exterior waterproofing solution that works well.

French drains can protect building foundations, lawns and gardens, by clearing groundwater and surface water away, rather than letting the water sit and cause damage. Drainage problems in your yard can lead to flooding, pooling, mould and water damage in your home and garden.

French drains are often installed underground, around the outside edge of a home's foundation walls, or inside and underneath the floor of the basement.

Steps For a Drainage System Install

Assess Drainage Needs

When installing a drain, to ensure we fully address any drainage issues, our first step is to assess where there is pooling and excess water collecting on your property. We also determine the most effective location to direct the water flow. As part of our excellent service, we ensure that this is planned in a way that will not negatively impact your neighbours, so you are fulfilling your obligations as a property owner. We also establish the correct grade for the water to optimally flow downwards and away from your home.

Laying Accurately and Landscape Finishing

We install all of our French drains according to the assessed plan, with the appropriate slope for the best flow, usually at a decline of at least one tenth of an inch per linear foot.

Laying Safely

Our trenching procedures are always safe. We are fully qualified professionals for all of our services offered, including these. We ensure to always check for underground utility lines and pipes.

Digging and Preparing

Next, we dig the trough in the best location for water collection, and lay landscaping stone along it. We then install the French drain. We line that with landscaping fabric to keep soil, roots, and weeds out, and cover it with more stone.


Contact us today for your free estimate on your French drain installation project. Prevent flooding of your property and water damage, by using our basement waterproofing services and outdoor lawn French drain options. We are professionals who provide quality service on every job.
Drainage System Alternatives

Comparisons to Other Drainage Systems

Sump Pump
One of the biggest advantages of a French drain installation over using sump pumps is that French drains don't require power to work. If there is a storm with a power outage, sump pumps won't work. Also, sump pumps can be expensive to install and maintain, while French drains are cost-effective to install and are long lasting, so you will likely not need to rely on plumbing services as much.
Trench Drain
The difference between a French drain and a trench drain is that French drains clear groundwater while a trench drain only handles excess surface water.
Our Experts Can Advise and Guide on Your Drainage Needs

Do You Need a Drain System?

Soggy ground and water pools in certain areas of your lawn, or a wet basement, are fairly clear signs that better drainage may be needed. However, musty smells or high humidity can also be indicators. This situation is not only unpleasant, but can lead to bigger issues such as structural damage and mould, possibly requiring home foundation repair or other major work.
7 water pipes for French Drain Installers Oakville
You May Hear a Variety of Different Names

Is a French Drain the Same as Weeping Tile?

Named after Henry French, a farmer who promoted them in his book, French drains are also known as weeping tiles. You may also hear them referred to as trench or filter drains, rock drains, drain tiles, perimeter drains, French ditches, sub-surface drains, and sub-soil drains, and more.
Our Expert Consulting Always Ensures Your Drainage Issues Are Fully Addressed

Will I Need Any Other Drainage Solutions?

Installing a French drain is great for redirecting water away from your home; they do an excellent job of reducing drainage issues. They are sometimes used with sump pumps, although they don't need to be.
Our consultations with you will ensure your concerns and questions are addressed, and we will ensure that our solutions fully meet your needs.

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