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Welcome to Oakvile Landscaping -- your solution to all of your commercial or residential lawn care service needs -- providing quality residential and commercial gardening services in Oakville, Ontario, as well as the greater Mississauga area. When you need dependable lawn care services, you can trust us.

We specialize in quality lawn care, sod installation, snow removal, maintenance services, and more. We strive to provide our commercial and residential clients with personalized, quality service that's also affordable. This year, enjoy your beautified outdoor spaces!

Oakville Property Maintenance Services

Our team excels in managing all your property maintenance requirements, from lawn care activities like fertilizing, aerating, and mowing to essential outdoor tasks such as debris removal, pruning, and weed management.

As seasoned property maintenance professionals, we tailor our services to align with your specific needs and budget. We are committed to delivering unparalleled service to our Oakville clientele. We've got your back!

We ensure your property remains impeccable throughout the year. Be it spring or fall clean-ups or any maintenance needs in between, we take on the rigorous tasks, guaranteeing your Oakville residence boasts a well-maintained and inviting outdoor space.

Spring Clean Up and Lawn Care Services

Spring clean ups are critical for lawn and plant health.

After winter, yard waste should be removed to promote oxygenating your lawn. If you maintain your front and backyard properly in spring, it'll be much greener and healthier in summer. Let us handle this seasonal transition meticulously and efficiently for you.

Our spring lawn care includes lawn aeration and dethatching to give lawns the best start. We'll rake to remove plant debris and snow mould, as well as remove debris from gardens and planting beds.
Our garden care service includes flower bed edging, mulching, and cultivating. We also prune or trim dead limbs from hedges and shrubs. We only use high quality fertilizer, mulch, and tools to avoid damaging plants and grass.

Removing weeds in your lawn or garden helps keep all plants flourishing and beautiful. For weed removal, we do more than just spray; we remove weeds actively, to remove roots and prevent regrowth.

We take the time to do each job properly, always ensuring our clients are completely satisfied.


Fall Clean Up and Lawn Maintenance Services

A good fall clean-up routine is highly recommended to prepare your gardens for the winter so they can flourish the next spring. The more that's cleaned up in the fall, the less that's needed in the spring. This also helps discourage snow mould growth and better winterizes plants and grass to survive winter. Our fall clean-ups help your lawn and gardens stay healthy, for a greener spring.

Our expert fall services means your residential or commercial property always looks enticing. To prepare for winter, we'll rake and clear leaves and dead plant matter throughout. We'll also trim hedges and complete fall lawn care, including mowing, aerating, and fertilizing appropriately, so everything is ready to flourish next spring. We'll winterize your lawn and gardens perfectly, to ensure everything is tidy and protected for winter.

Winter Services and Snow Removal

When the snow falls, we're still there for you!

Oakville winters are hard, but we make them safer and easier. Our snow removal service includes snow blowing, shovelling, and eco-friendly salting and deicing, as needed to ensure your safety and convenience. We have the experience and equipment to remove your snow quickly and safely, in a timely manner. We respond quickly, so our residential homeowners and company or commercial property customers have peace of mind, knowing their driveways and walkways are safe from slipping hazards.

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The best choice for french drains, flower beds, and garden edging.
Aerating, fertilizing, dethatching, and mowing - we do it all so you don't have to.
We are quick to respond and never leave you hanging, working with you to find a date and time that suits you.
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The warm weather will come and go before you know it, so don't waste any time giving us a call so we can get started on making your backyard into an oasis.
Professional Property Maintenance Services in Oakville, Ontario
We work with you to create an exceptional, custom beautiful landscape for your property, tailored to fit your needs and dreams. Every detail of your project is carefully planned. Our landscapers work to provide unique, customized garden and lawn care services and solutions to add value to your home and fit your budget. You can trust our reputable team to do an amazing job of creating your dream retreat.
Sod Installation
If your existing lawn is in need of revitalizing, we are the Oakville lawn care experts in sodding installation, including topsoil and fill services. We can also seed to keep lawns in excellent health. Our expert Oakville lawn care service will keep your new lawn pristine.

French Drains and Drainage

To protect your Oakville house, patio, deck, lawn and gardens from water damage, our landscapers and professional team can help you with solutions like landscape grading projects or installing French drains.

French drains are more than just functional drainage solutions, they're attractive landscape features. These trenches, filled with gravel or rock, have a perforated pipe to redirect water away.

Transforming Your Outdoor Living Space

If you want a more beautiful outdoor living space, hire a professional landscape contractor to help you create your dream retreat. Our reputable team can help you achieve your perfect oasis.

Dependable Lawn Care and Gardening Services in Oakville

You can relax with us, and let us handle all the maintenance work, seasonal cleanups, and lawn care while you sit back and simply enjoy your outdoor spaces. Our team provides dependable lawn care and other gardening services you can rely on, setting up plans for you that suit your needs, at a cost that fits your budget. We will always give expert, customized advice.
Whatever your garden project, our Oakville team provides high caliber work that adds value to your property.
Oakville Landscaping is committed to quality work and superior customer service. We’re dedicated professional landscape contractors who take the time to complete your landscaping project properly, paying special attention to every detail. Contact us at for a free estimate for the best Oakville lawn care and landscaping service.
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Oakville Landscaping is committed to quality work and superior customer service. We aim to provide the most dependable lawn care and garden care in the Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga area. We treat your property with care, ensuring your home, walkways, stonework, deck, and other areas are kept clean and untouched. Enjoy a vibrant, lush lawn and gardens, expertly cared for, that will enhance your Oakville home and yard
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We’re dedicated professional landscape contractors who take the time to complete your landscaping project properly, paying special attention to every detail. For Oakville lawn care services, professional landscaping services, gardening services, snow removal, and other maintenance services to keep your outdoor living space looking better than ever before, give us a call.

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