SOD Installation 

If your existing lawn is patchy and full of weeds (or completely nonexistent) and you want an instant, beautiful lawn, a new sod installation may be your best solution.

A healthy lawn is thick and green, growing densely to keep weeds and undesirable insects like grubs out, and is easier to maintain. A short or sparse lawn, on the other hand, is much more vulnerable. We also address underlying issues so you don't have the same problems happen again, assessing whether fertilization, infestation control, or drainage installation, or other solutions, may be needed.

Oakville Landscaping Services' commercial and residential installations only use grass that's perfectly suited for our Southern Ontario Climate, including the popular Kentucky Bluegrass Sod. We're landscape professionals, so you know we only use premium sod. We manage the complete process, including removal of existing lawns and grading, for a hassle-free experience.

Some common myths we hear about sodding installation are about the cost and ease to put in.


Sod is More Expensive Than Seeding
Some people think that sod installation is expensive, but it is in fact quite affordable, and gives homeowners instant results. It does need regular watering, but it requires less maintenance than seeding, which needs monitoring for erosion and weeds, which invade lawns that aren't full and mature, on top of regular watering. A sod installation is also better on hills or slopes.
It's Just Unrolling Sod Sheets Onto the Ground
It's hard work, and often frustrating, to lay turf yourself. From completely removing the existing ground, to levelling ground and installing it so the roots take properly, sodding is a big task. That's also not including the stress of wondering if you set it up correctly so the grass will thrive, by eliminating factors that cause issues, like drainage problems and insect infestations. Using professional landscapers with the proper tools and experience necessary to do this eliminates that worry and the risk of having to re-sod.
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Care for Fresh Sod

We'll coach you on how to water your fresh sod to make sure the soil below the turf is adequately wetted, and how often. It usually takes about three weeks for the new grass to fully root, but you can start to mow it after about ten days to two weeks from the date it was installed. It should be watered twice daily for the first week, and daily for the second week, after which you can water normally.

It can be hard to know if you've watered enough, but an irrigation system removes that worry since it waters automatically as needed. To ensure effective watering of your new lawn, and for your convenience, a sprinkler installation is a worthwhile investment for your lawn and garden. Gardening will be a breeze, and you'll have lush greenery.

A big advantage to irrigation systems is not just making sure new sod transplants effectively, but making sure your lawn and garden are continuously watered optimally, never over- or under-watering. A sprinkler system comes in handy if you are away, so you don't come back to dead plants.

Preparing, landscaping and laying sod to perfection

New Sod Installation Process


Firstly, we completely remove your old grass from your yard, to completely remove all weeds and their roots, so they don't come back. Next, we assess the grade of your front or backyard.


We work to perfect the slope, raising or lowering as needed to prevent drainage issues. We also add topsoil to fill in holes and prep for the new lawn, creating a smooth, even foundation. This extra landscaping step makes your lawn more usable, and better for mowing grass evenly. It also fills in dips that could otherwise stay soggy after it rains. The fresh topsoil helps by adding nutrients, improving water absorption and making it easier for new grass roots to grow.

Sod Rolls

Sod comes as a roll held together by the grass roots in a layer of topsoil. It's an efficient option since it can help prevent erosion while improving air quality and draining issues. It's like a portable new lawn that's weed-free, grub-free, and healthy! Oakville Landscaping Services uses only top quality sod that meets all bylaw requirements, for perfect results and easy maintenance.


Once the foundation is set and the turf rolls arrive, we start to lay sod right away onto damp soil. We carefully lay the turf to fit seamlessly with driveways, fences, walkways, and other features. We will also roll the new turf to ensure it is completely contacting the soil underneath, to help with root growth.


Oakville Landscaping Services helps you achieve top curb appeal, providing you with a superior residential or commercial sod installation (Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and surrounding areas). We also offer comprehensive services focused on maintaining and enhancing your lawn, including mowing, garden edging, weed control, and more. We will transform your yard into your personal oasis.

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Sod Installation Services Oakville

Sod installation is not a do-it-yourself job. If you want it done right, you need to hire a professional company like ours. We have the experience and the equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We also offer Sod Installation Services as part of our complete landscaping services.

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When Can You Have a Sod Installation?

You can install sod from May to November. Many people prefer spring or fall to get it installed, as new sod needs more maintenance through hot summer months, but if you have an irrigation system, you can have excellent results with no extra effort, regardless of when you get your sod installation completed.

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