Importance Of Professional Sod Installation

Installing sod is an integral part of year-round lawn care, and a professional sod installation company is the best option for achieving the desired results. DIY sod installation, while sometimes successful, can be time-consuming and may produce a different outcome than what was desired.

Therefore, investing in a professional to install sod is the most efficient way to ensure a beautiful and fully functional lawn.

Why Installing Sod Is A Good Idea

Installing sod on your lawn involves placing pre-grown grass in soil or biodegradable material instead of seeding.

  • Get A Lush Lawn Instantly

Sodding is an excellent way to achieve an instant, lush, green lawn. In approximately two weeks, your yard will be fully established, dramatically changing its appearance.

  • Fewer Problems With Irrigation

Watering the newly planted sod in the ground twice daily for a few weeks is sufficient for its optimal growth. With packed roots that retain moisture, sod is intended to withstand drought.

  • Preventing Soil Erosion

Installing sod can help protect your yard from rain and wind-damaging effects. Its deep-rooted nature allows it to hold more moisture than seedlings.

  • Reducing Heat

Sod can mitigate the heat emitted by surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, bare soil, and synthetic grass. Its ability to absorb carbon dioxide and reduce heat helps to decrease greenhouse emissions while simultaneously cooling the air by releasing oxygen.

  • Better Value

A vibrant, verdant lawn is critical when selling your home, as it increases the property's value in the eyes of prospective buyers.

Some Of The Many Advantages Of Having A Professional Installation

Professional Knowledge And Advice

The cornerstone of a beautiful, lush new sod lawn is professional sod installation. By entrusting the installation to a professional, you can ensure that your new sod roots will be deeply embedded in the soil, allowing optimal growth and maintenance. Without this, your new sod may struggle to take hold, and your lawn may suffer.

By properly caring for your fresh sod and following the recommendations of the professional sod installation team, you can maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn for years to come.

Worker installing sod, lawn and sod Installation. Selective focus.

Maintaining an investment like a sod lawn takes a lot of effort and time. It includes regular mowing, fertilizing, watering, insect control, and weeding. And a professional sod installation can provide a beautiful view without the time commitment of a do-it-yourself project.

Professional sod installers are experienced in properly preparing the soil, cutting and laying the sod, and ensuring a smooth and debris-free installation. This ensures that the sod takes root and that there are no bumps or gaps for weeds to grow.

Hiring a professional sod installer is the best way to get the results you desire.

Better Weed And Pest Resistance

Sod provides a practical and beneficial method for strengthening and maintaining a healthy green lawn. With its nutrient-rich soil, grass seeds, sand, and other valuable elements, sod helps to form a robust root system that is more resilient to weeds and pests. The tightly packed blades of grass also serve as a barrier to unwanted bugs and plants.

By consistently watering and caring for the lawn, it is possible to enjoy the beauty of a lawn naturally resistant to common lawn pests and invaders.

Get High-Quality Sod

When it comes to purchasing, not all sod is equal. Sod farms are the most reliable option for having high-quality sod free of weeds. They will cut the sod before delivery to ensure its freshness and efficacy.

Poor quality sod may have been left out too long, leading to root development issues and pieces that may not take root or may come apart during installation. Furthermore, improperly maintained sod may be weed-infested, further complicating the installation process.

More Aesthetic Appeal

Many homeowners are choosing to install sod in their outdoor areas to improve their curb appeal.

Sod is a carefully cultivated kind of grass that requires minimal maintenance and provides a lush, green colour and soft texture. It is an ideal choice for those who don't have the time or skill to create an attractive outdoor area.


For those on a tight budget, a sod farm can be a great option. Not only can these farms provide discounts for those who purchase sod in the off-season, but they can also provide the necessary equipment and tools for lawn care.

Additionally, research shows that investing in a professionally cared-for lawn can increase the value of your property if you ever sell.

How To Maintain Your Sod

Before planting your new lawn, the ground must be thoroughly prepared to ensure the soil is free of toxins and impurities. To ensure the sod takes root properly, it is necessary to keep it moist and avoid walking on it for a few weeks.

Also, watch for any colour changes that may indicate fungus or insect infestation.

Take Care Of Your New Lawn

professional sod installation

For a beautiful lawn that will be the envy of the neighbourhood, trust the professional team at Oakville Landscape. Our Oakville Sod Installation will ensure that your lawn is kept in perfect condition.

Our experienced staff provides top-notch service and delivers quality sod to create a healthy, lush lawn. We proudly serve the Great Toronto Area and guarantee your satisfaction.

Make the smart choice by choosing our team for your sod installation needs.

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