Everyone knows spring clean-ups to get the yard clean after a long winter are an important part of garden care. However, fall clean-ups are just as important to keep your outside spaces healthy and beautiful.
Our Fall Clean-Up Services For Your Lawn and Garden

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From weeding and plant bed winterizing to garbage removal, we will get your garden put to bed right for the winter. Expert perennial care and pruning helps your plants survive the winter and thrive. See below for detailed service offerings.
Lawn care is still important, so we complete a final mow, fertilize gently, rake thoroughly, and aerate. Everything is done with expert care for your best results next spring. We will also do weeding and edging, for a neater winter landscape. See below for detailed service offerings.

Use a Professional Service for Best Results

Using a professional lawn care service like those provided by Oakville Landscaping Services will get your residential or commercial grounds tidy and ready for winter, without having to put in the hours of hard work yourself. Professional services will ensure the right lawn care and garden care for the most attractive fall landscape around your home, and the best care for plant health.

Why Do You Need To Do Fall Clean-Ups?

A fall clean-up keeps your overall outside landscape beautiful and professional looking, while promoting the health of all of your greenery.
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Lawn Care

Although lawn growth slows down a lot in the late fall into winter, it does still grow and will need some lawn care. Light fertilizing prepares for a healthy lawn in the spring. The last mow of the season is also important to prevent snow mould and keep your yard clean.

Debris Removal

Cleaning up all plant matter, debris and garbage reduces the amount that needs to be cleared in the spring, and helps to discourage snow mould growth. It also allows plants and lawns to breathe and start to flourish as soon as the snow melts. Your overall home landscaping will look better for it.

Curb Appeal

Keep your residential or commercial property looking beautiful and manicured every season, all season long. A fall clean-up keeps your spaces looking great in a season that can often get messy, and sets you up for an attractive landscape in winter. It also makes sure your spaces will have a head start on everyone else come spring, with no rotting leaves or grass compacted all over, and your lawns and gardens in perfect shape to start flourishing.

Ready for Spring

The more that is cleaned up in fall, the less that needs doing in spring. Also, having everything primed and ready means that your lawn and garden can recover and thrive as soon as the snow melts.


Prepare your lawn and plants for every season. Contact Oakville Landscaping for your spring and fall clean services in the Oakville and surrounding area.
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We ensure all of our customers' satisfaction with all of our lawn care services. Our clients appreciate our above-and-beyond customer service style, whether we are doing their spring clean up or fall clean up, or any job in between.
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Get your yard clean before our long Ontario winter, and look forward to beautiful outdoor spaces first thing in the spring, with an easier spring clean-up. Book early, though, for our spring and fall cleans, to guarantee your spot for our beneficial landscape services.

Our Comprehensive Fall Clean-Up Services

Final Mow. Our comprehensive fall clean-up services include a last mowing of your lawn and trimming of edges, because lawn care is still important. We trim to the perfect height for lawn health before it goes dormant.

Leaf Raking. We will perform a thorough leaf raking of your entire lawn to remove leaves and plant matter so everything is tidy. We rake well, regardless of the amount of leaves and dead grass, since it also promotes aeration and lawn health for spring.

Aeration. We can aerate your lawn so that it is better oxygenated and able to absorb water, sun and nutrients once the snow starts to melt. Core aeration is highly recommended for lawn care. We use plug core aeration, leaving the plugs to organically decompose and provide extra nutrients for your lawn.

Edging. We can also remove all overgrown grass, edging until your front and back yard is neat and even around sidewalks and driveways for the perfect curb appeal and easier snow removal in winter.

Garbage Removal. We clear all plant matter and other debris from the raking, and blow and collect all leaves, pine cones, and other garbage from all around your property. All waste will be appropriately bagged and handled for removal. We take the time to make sure your driveway, sidewalks and other walking surfaces are completely clear from nuisance debris that accumulates and spoils the look of your property.

Fall Fertilizing. For our fertilizing service, we ensure we fertilize the perfect amount -- lightly and evenly -- for your lawn needs, so your grass will grow thickly and evenly in the spring. This allows all parts of the lawn to receive equal nutrients to grow consistently and evenly for a lush, full lawn.

Perennial and Plant Care. We can also expertly prune dead branches from bushes and shrubs that may be safely trimmed during this period, when their growth is slowed. Your perennials will also benefit from the extra attention we give them in our fall services; we will prune and mulch perennials to put them to bed for the season.
Weeding. Although many people start to get complacent about weeding towards the end of fall, it is still important, as it allows plants and grass a better chance to establish well in spring, without having to compete with weeds in the early growing season. We remove them to prevent seeding and establishing roots to survive winter.

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